Track Systems for Railroad-Professional Version 2.1

The table below lists the track libraries available for Railroad-Professional version 2.1. Although these are outdated, they can also be read by the current program version.

The track libraries of the current program version can be found here.

Gauge 0 (32.0mm):

Brand System Date Library
Buco Profil-Track 30.03.2012 0BP_210 1)
1 With the friendly assistance of Mr. Rippstein and Mr. Schweizer. Valid for 2- and 3-wire systems.

Gauge H0 (16.5mm):

Brand System Date Library
Fleischmann Model-Track 06.12.2010 H0FM_210
Profi-Track 16.08.2010 H0FP_210 1)
Märklin C-Track 20.05.2013 H0MC_210
K-Track 16.08.2010 H0MK_210
M-Track 16.10.2010 H0MM_210
Peco Code 75:
23.02.2012 H0PC75_210
Code 83:
23.02.2012 H0PC83_210
Code 100:
Streamline +
partly Setrack
23.02.2012 H0PC100_210
Roco geoLine 16.08.2010 H0RG_210
Line 16.08.2010 H0RL_210
Line w. bed. 16.08.2010 H0RB_210
Tillig Elite 07.04.2013 H0TE_210
1 Notes on the use of the Fleischmann curved turnouts.

Gauge TT (12.0mm):

Brand System Date Library
Kuehn Model-Track 05.03.2012 TTKM_210
Tillig Model-Track 23.09.2013 TTTM_210

Gauge N (9.0mm):

Brand System Date Library
Fleischmann w/o Bedding 06.02.2012 NFO_210 2)
Piccolo 16.10.2010 NFP_210
Kato Unitrack 22.11.2011 NKU_210
Peco Code 55:
23.02.2012 NPC55_210
Code 80:
Streamline +
23.02.2012 NPC80_210
Roco See NFO_210 1)
Trix Mini 06.02.2012 NTM_210 3)
1 Corresponds to Fleischmann without bedding
2 Notes on the use of Fleischmann curved turnouts.
3 Notes on the use of MiniTrix curved turnouts.

Gauge Z (6.5mm):

Brand System Date Library
Märklin See Version 1.0.
Peco See Version 1.0.