Track Systems for Railroad-Professional

The libraries listed in the tables below are suitable for the current program version and are usually already included in the setup program package (sometimes with a delay for newly developed libraries). This means you usually do not need to manually install any libraries. Railroad-Professional can also read libraries of older formats. They are converted into the new format. If you need a track library that is not (yet) available in the new format, you may try one of the old libraries.

Of course, all libraries for Railroad-Professional are free of charge. After downloading a library, unzip the ZIP file into the "Bibliotheken"-directory (german word for 'libraries') that Railroad-Professional created on your computer during setup (and installed the libraries already supplied). The corresponding subpath is then created automatically. As of version 2.4, the supplied files are located under the public user and there under 'documents'.

Unpack the library of the C-tracks of Märklin, gauge H0, to "C:\users\public\documents\Railroad-Professional 3.0\Bibliotheken". Then you will find the subdirectories "Gleise\H0\Märklin\C-Gleise" ('Gleise' is the german word for 'tracks') in which the two files H0MC_xxx.rpd and default.rpb will be located. Versions with the same name are overwritten!

If you have created your own libraries with the help of the library manager and track editor integrated in Railroad-Professional and would like to make them available to the general public, please . Please always send in both files - the library file ("xxxxx.rpd", where xxxxx stands for a name of your choice) and the base dimension file ("default.rpb")!

Gauge I / 1 / G / IIm (45.0mm):

Brand System Date Library
Hübner K-Track 12/15/2017 1HK_300
KM1 Real wood 12/15/2017 1KEH_300
Wood optics 12/15/2017 1KHO_300
Steel optics 12/15/2017 1KSO_300
LGB G-Track 12/15/2017 GLG_300
Märklin K-Track 12/15/2017 1MK_300
Piko G-Track 12/15/2017 GPG_300

Gauge 0 / Im / IIe (32.0mm):

Brand System Date Library
Buco Profil-Track 12/15/2017 0BP_300 1)
Lenz Synthetic 12/15/2017 0LK_300
1 With the friendly assistance of Mr. Rippstein and Mr. Schweizer. Valid for 2- and 3-wire systems.

Gauge H0 / 00 / Sm / 0-16.5,0n / Ii / IIp (16.5mm):

Brand System Date Library
Fleischmann Model-Track 12/15/2017 H0FM_300
Profi-Track 12/15/2017 H0FP_300 1)
Kleinbahn Model-Track 12/15/2017 H0KM_300
LUNA Tramtrack 12/15/2017 See Tillig.
Märklin C-Track 01/23/2019 H0MC_300
K-Track 12/15/2017 H0MK_300
M-Track 12/15/2017 H0MM_300
MyWorld 12/15/2018 H0MMy_300
Peco Code 75:
12/15/2017 H0PC75_300
Code 83:
12/15/2017 H0PC83_300
Code 100:
Streamline +
partly Setrack
12/15/2017 H0PC100_300
Code 100:
Gauge 0-16.5/0n
12/13/2018 0ePC100_300
Piko A-Track 12/15/2017 H0PA_300 2)
Standard 04/15/2018 H0PS_300
Pilz Taken over by Tillig. See Tillig.
Roco 2.5 mm 06/20/2018 H0R25_300 3)
geoLine 02/19/2019 H0RG_300
Line 02/19/2019 H0RL_300
Line w. bed. 02/19/2019 H0RB_300
(Zeuke, Pilz, LUNA)
Elite 02/13/2019 H0TE_300
Standard 02/13/2019 H0TS_300
Tramtrack 12/15/2017 H0TT_300
Trix C-Track 12/15/2017 H0TC_300
Express 11/16/2018 H0TEx_300
Weinert Mein-Gleis 11/08/2018 H0WM_300
Zeuke Taken over by Tillig. See Tillig.
1 Notes on the use of the Fleischmann curved turnouts.
2 Created by Mr. Christian Gärtner / Wien.
3 With kind assistance of Mr. Volker Juhnke.

Gauge TT / H0m / Se / 0i / Ip (12.0mm):

Brand System Date Library
Bemo Code 70 04/15/2018 H0mBC70_300
Standard 04/15/2018 H0mBS_300
Kuehn Model-Track 12/15/2017 TTKM_300
LUNA Tramtrack 12/15/2017 See Tillig.
Pilz Taken over by Tillig. See Tillig.
(Zeuke, Pilz, LUNA)
Bedding Track 02/13/2019 TTTB_300
H0m -
02/13/2019 H0mTB_300
Model Track 02/13/2019 TTTM_300
Tramtrack 12/15/2017 H0mTT_300
Berlin Tram 12/15/2017 TTZB_300
TTfiligran CSD-Standard 06/26/2018 TTFCR_300 1)
DR-Standard 06/26/2018 TTFDR_300 1)
DR-Narrow 06/26/2018 TTFDS_300 1)
Zeuke Taken over by Tillig. See Tillig.
1 Notes on the libraries of TTfiligran.

Gauge N / TTm / H0e / Si / 0p (9.0mm):

Brand System Date Library
Arnold 12/15/2017 NAN_300 1)
Bemo Standard 04/15/2018 H0eBS_300
Fleischmann w/o Bedding 12/15/2017 NFO_300 4)
Piccolo 12/15/2017 NFP_300
Hornby 12/15/2017 NHN_300 2)
Kato Unitrack 01/03/2019 NKU_300 3)
Unitram 12/15/2017 NKT_300
Märklin See Trix, System Mini (Minitrix).
Peco Code 55:
12/15/2017 NPC55_300
Code 80:
Streamline +
12/15/2017 NPC80_300
H0e Code80:
Streamline +
01/30/2019 H0ePC80_300
Roco Light Railway 02/19/2019 H0eRF_300
N w/o bed. See NFO_300 3)
Narrow 02/19/2019 H0eRS_300
Trix Mini 12/15/2017 NTM_300 5)
TTfiligran DR-Narrow 06/26/2018 See TT, TTFDS_300
1 With kind assistance of Mr. Matthias Schall.
2 Identical with Arnold, only other article numbers.
3 Corresponds to Fleischmann without bedding
4 Notes on the use of Fleischmann curved turnouts.
5 Notes on the use of MiniTrix curved turnouts.

Gauge Z / Nm / TTe / H0i / H0f / Sp (6.5mm):

Brand System Date Library
Busch Light Railway 12/15/2017 H0fBF_300
Märklin Z-Track 12/15/2017 ZMZ_300
Peco See older libraries.
Rokuhan Bedding 11/09/2018 ZRB_300
TTfiligran DR-Narrow 06/26/2018 See TT, TTFDS_300