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Track Systems for Railroad-Professional

The libraries listed in the tables below are suitable for the current program version and are usually already included in the setup program package (sometimes with a delay for newly developed libraries). This means you usually do not need to manually install any libraries. Railroad-Professional can also read libraries of older formats. They are converted into the new format. If you need a track library that is not (yet) available in the new format, you may try one of the old libraries.

With Railroad-Professional all libraries are of course free of charge. After downloading a library, please unpack the ZIP file into the "Libraries" directory that Railroad-Professional created on your computer during installation. In a standard installation, this directory is in 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Railroad-Professional x.y', with x.y being the version number of Railroad-Professional.

If you have created your own libraries with the help of the library manager and track editor integrated in Railroad-Professional and would like to make them available to the general public, please .

Scale I / 1 / G / IIm (45.0mm):

Brand System Library
Hübner 1_Huebner_370
KM1 Real Wood 1_KM1_RealWood_370
Wood Look 1_KM1_WoodLook_370
Steel Look 1_KM1_SteelLook_370
Märklin 1_Maerklin_370
Piko G_Piko_370
TrainLine Brass G_TrainLine_Brass_370
Nickel G_TrainLine_Nickel_370

Scale 0 / Im / IIe (32.0mm):

Brand System Library
Atlas 3Rail 0_Atlas_3Rail_370
3Rail-Industrial 0_Atlas_3Rail-Industrial_370
Code 148 0_Atlas_Code148_370
Buco Profile Track 0_Buco_Profile_370
Lenz 0_Lenz_370

Scale H0 / 00 / Sm / 0e / Ii / IIp (16.5mm):

Brand System Library
Atlas Code 100 H0_Atlas_Code100_370
Code 83 H0_Atlas_Code83_370
True-Track H0_Atlas_True-Track_370
Fleischmann Model Track H0_Fleischmann_Model_370
Profi Track H0_Fleischmann_Profi_370 1)
Kato Unitrack H0_Kato_Unitrack_370
Kleinbahn Model Track H0_Kleinbahn_Model_370
LUNA Tramtrack See Tillig.
Märklin C-Track H0_Maerklin_C_370
K-Track H0_Maerklin_K_370
M-Track H0_Maerklin_M_370
MyWorld H0_Maerklin_MyWorld_370
Post War H0_Maerklin_Nachkrieg_370
Primex H0_Maerklin_Primex_370
Pre War H0_Maerklin_Vorkrieg_370
Peco Code 75:
Code 83:
Code 100:
Streamline +
partly Setrack
Code 100:
Scale 0e
Piko A-Track
(Code 100)
A with bed H0_Piko_A-bedded_370
Standard H0_Piko_Standard_370
Pilz Adopted from Tillig. See Tillig.
Roco 2.5 mm H0_Roco_2.5mm_370
geoLine H0_Roco_geoLine_370
Line H0_Roco_Line_370
Line with bed H0_Roco_Line-bedded_370
(Zeuke, Pilz, LUNA)
Elite H0_Tillig_Elite_370
Standard H0_Tillig_Standard_370
Tramtrack H0_Tillig_Tramtrack_370
Trix C-Track H0_Trix_C_370
Express H0_Trix_Express_370
Weinert Mein-Gleis H0_Weinert_MeinGleis_370
Zeuke Adopted from Tillig. See Tillig.
1 Notes on using Fleischmann turnouts.

Scale TT / H0m / Se / 0i / Ip (12.0mm):

Brand System Library
Bemo Code 70 H0m_Bemo_Code70_370
Standard H0m_Bemo_Standard_370
Kuehn Model Track TT_Kuehn_Model_370
LUNA Tramtrack See Tillig.
Peco Code 75 H0m_Peco_Code75_370
Pilz Adopted from Tillig. See Tillig.
(Zeuke, Pilz, LUNA)
Berlin Tram TT_Zeuke_BerlinerBahn_370
Bedded Track TT_Tillig_Bedded_370
H0m -
Bedded Track
Bedded Track (brown) TT_Tillig_Bedded-brown_370
H0m -
Bedded Track (brown)
Model Track TT_Tillig_Model_370
Standard See Berlin Tram.
Tramtrack H0m_Tillig_Tramtrack_370
TTfiligran CSD-Standard TT_TTfiligran_CSD_370 1)
DR-Standard TT_TTfiligran_DR_370 1)
DR-Narrow TT_TTfiligran_DR-narrow 1)
Zeuke Adopted from Tillig. See Tillig.
1 Notes on the libraries from TTfiligran.

Scale N / TTm / H0e / Si / 0p (9.0mm):

Brand System Library
Arnold N_Arnold_370
Atlas Code 55 N_Atlas_Code55_370
Code 65 N_Atlas_Code65_370
Code 80 N_Atlas_Code80_370
Bemo Standard H0e_Bemo_Standard_370
Fleischmann With bed See Piccolo.
Without bed N_Fleischmann_370 2)
Piccolo N_Fleischmann_Piccolo_370
Hornby N_Hornby_370 1)
Kato Unitrack N_Kato_Unitrack_370
Unitram N_Kato_Unitram_370
Märklin See Trix, System Mini (Minitrix).
Peco Code 55:
Code 80:
Streamline +
H0e Code80:
Streamline +
Roco Field H0e_Roco_Field_370
N without bed See N, Fleischmann, without bed
Narrow H0e_Roco_Narrow_370
Trix Mini N_Trix_Mini_370 3)
TTfiligran DR-Narrow See TT, TTfiligran, DR-Narrow
1 Identical with Arnold, different article numbers only.
2 Notes on the use of Fleischmann turnouts.
3 Notes on the use of Minitrix turnouts.

Scale Z / Nm / TTe / H0i / H0f / Sp (6.5mm):

Brand System Library
Atlas Z_Atlas_370
Busch Field H0f_Busch_Field_370
Märklin Z_Maerklin_370
Peco See older libraries.
Rokuhan With bed Z_Rokuhan_370
TTfiligran DR-Narrow See TT, TTfiligran, DR-Narrow