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Accessories Libraries for Railroad-Professional

The libraries listed in the tables below are suitable for the current program version and are usually already included in the setup program package (sometimes with a delay for newly developed libraries). This means you usually do not need to manually install any libraries. Railroad-Professional can also read libraries of older formats. They are converted into the new format. If you need a accessory library that is not (yet) available in the new format, you may try one of the old libraries.

Of course, all libraries for Railroad-Professional are free of charge. After downloading a library, unzip the ZIP file into the "Bibliotheken"-directory (german word for 'libraries') that Railroad-Professional created on your computer during setup (and installed the libraries already supplied). The corresponding subpath is then created automatically. As of version 2.4, the supplied files are located under the public user and there under 'documents'.

Unpack the library of the Electric of Märklin, scale H0, to "C:\users\public\documents\Railroad-Professional X.Y\Bibliotheken", where X.Y denotes the program version. Then you will find the subdirectories "Zubehör\H0\Märklin" ('Zubehör' is the german word for 'accessories') in which the file H0Macc_xxx.rpd will be located. Versions with the same name are overwritten!

If you have created your own libraries in Railroad-Professional and would like to make them available to the general public, please .

The brand '_Universal_' listed in the following tables is not a true brand. Instead, these libraries contain generally usable symbols for the relevant scale.

Scale I / 1 / G / IIm (45.0mm):

Brand Content Date Library
LGB Electric 12/23/2021 GLacc_360
Märklin Electric 12/23/2021 1Macc_360
_Universal_ Symbols 12/23/2021 1Uacc_360
12/23/2021 GUacc_360

Scale 0 / Im / IIe (32.0mm):

Brand Content Date Library
_Universal_ Symbols 12/23/2021 0Uacc_360
Viessmann Electric 12/23/2021 0Vacc_360

Scale H0 / 00 / Sm / 0e / Ii / IIp (16.5mm):

Brand Content Date Library
Busch Electric 12/23/2021 H0Bacc_360
Faller Train Stations/Buildings 12/23/2021 H0_Faller_BahnhoefeBahnbauten_360
Commerce, Trade, Industry 12/23/2021 H0_Faller_HandelGewerbeIndustrie_360
City, Village, Country, Leisure 12/23/2021 H0_Faller_StadtDorfLandFreizeit_360
Fleischmann Electric 12/23/2021 H0Facc_360
Märklin Electric 12/23/2021 H0Macc_360
Roco Electric 12/23/2021 H0Racc_360
Tomar Electric 12/23/2021 H0Tacc_360
_Universal_ Symbols 12/23/2021 H0Uacc_360
Viessmann Electric 12/23/2021 H0Vacc_360

Scale TT / H0m / Se / 0i / Ip (12.0mm):

Brand Content Date Library
_Universal_ Symbols 12/23/2021 TTUacc_360
Viessmann Electric 12/23/2021 TTVacc_360

Scale N / TTm / H0e / Si / 0p (9.0mm):

Brand Content Date Library
Fleischmann Electric 12/23/2021 NFacc_360
Tomar Electric 12/23/2021 NTacc_360
_Universal_ Symbols 12/23/2021 NUacc_360
Viessmann Electric 12/23/2021 NVacc_360

Scale Z / Nm / TTe / H0i / H0f / Sp (6.5mm):

Brand Content Date Library
Märklin Electric 12/23/2021 ZMacc_360
_Universal_ Symbols 12/23/2021 ZUacc_360
Viessmann Electric 12/23/2021 ZVacc_360