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Accessories Libraries for Railroad-Professional

The libraries listed in the tables below are suitable for the current program version and are usually already included in the setup program package (sometimes with a delay for newly developed libraries). This means you usually do not need to manually install any libraries. Railroad-Professional can also read libraries of older formats. They are converted into the new format. If you need a accessory library that is not (yet) available in the new format, you may try one of the old libraries.

With Railroad-Professional all libraries are of course free of charge. After downloading a library, please unpack the ZIP file into the "Libraries" directory that Railroad-Professional created on your computer during installation. In a standard installation, this directory is in 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Railroad-Professional x.y', with x.y being the version number of Railroad-Professional.

If you have created your own libraries with the help of the library manager and track editor integrated in Railroad-Professional and would like to make them available to the general public, please .

The brand '_Universal_' listed in the following tables is not a true brand. Instead, these libraries contain generally usable symbols for the relevant scale.

Scale I / 1 / G / IIm (45.0mm):

Brand Content Library
LGB Electric G_LGB_Electric_400
Märklin Electric 1_Maerklin_Electric_400
_Universal_ Symbols 1_Universal_Symbols_400

Scale 0 / Im / IIe (32.0mm):

Brand Content Library
_Universal_ Symbols 0_Universal_Symbols_400
Viessmann Electric 0_Viessmann_Electric_400

Scale H0 / 00 / Sm / 0e / Ii / IIp (16.5mm):

Brand Content Library
Busch Electric H0_Busch_Electric_400
Faller Train Stations / Buildings H0_Faller_RailwayStationsBuildings_400
Commerce, Trade, Industry H0_Faller_TradeBusinessIndustry_400
City, Village, Country, Leisure H0_Faller_TownVillageCountryLeasure_400
Fleischmann Electric H0_Fleischmann_Electric_400
Märklin Electric H0_Maerklin_Electric_400
Roco Electric H0_Roco_Electric_400
Tomar Electric H0_Tomar_Electric_400
_Universal_ Symbols H0_Universal_Symbols_400
Viessmann Electric H0_Viessmann_Electric_400

Scale TT / H0m / Se / 0i / Ip (12.0mm):

Brand Content Library
_Universal_ Symbols TT_Universal_Symbols_400
Viessmann Electric TT_Viessmann_Electric_400

Scale N / TTm / H0e / Si / 0p (9.0mm):

Brand Content Library
Fleischmann Electric N_Fleischmann_Electric_400
Tomar Electric N_Tomar_Electric_400
_Universal_ Symbols N_Universal_Symbols_400
Viessmann Electric N_Viessmann_Electric_400

Scale Z / Nm / TTe / H0i / H0f / Sp (6.5mm):

Brand Content Library
Märklin Electric Z_Maerklin_Electric_400
_Universal_ Symbols Z_Universal_Symbols_400
Viessmann Electric Z_Viessmann_Electric_400