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Your contribution is welcome!

You think Railroad-Professional is great? - That makes us happy.
Would you like to contribute to its improvement? - That makes us even happier!

If you wish, you can get involved with Railroad-Professional in a variety of ways, e.g. by contributing to one of the aspects below. Any contribution, large or small, is welcome!


A simple, but effective contribution: if you like Railroad-Professional, then recommend us - to your circle of friends, in forums, at model railway fairs and exhibitions, in the social media, in the club, etc.
And if you are not satisfied with Railroad-Professional, please let us know, e.g. by . Or go straight to the next point...

Improvement suggestions:

You are missing a certain feature in Railroad-Professional or you have an idea how to make an existing function even better? Do not hesitate (!), but . about it. Some of your wishes we have already fulfilled surprisingly quickly. And if not immediately, then we put it at least on our to-do-list for one of the next updates.

Track plans:

You have designed a great track plan with Railroad-Professional and would like to contribute to our gallery? You are very welcome! All you have to do is , your track plan file (*.rpp), preferably together with a short description and a note on how we can quote you (as author).


Using the library manager and track editor integrated in Railroad-Professional, you have designed a library for a track system that we do not yet support? Or a collection of great accessories? Then ! We review submitted libraries and if they meet our quality requirements, you have a good chance that we will publish them.

Translations into other languages:

You speak a language not yet offered here as your mother tongue (or have at least a similar knowledge of it) and furthermore understand one of the languages already offered here quite well? Then you could really help us a lot! You don't need to translate the entire program with the complete online documentation (although we wouldn't object to that either). However, it would be helpful if you could contribute to one of the following points:

If you feel addressed by one of the above mentioned points, you are welcome to . We would then discuss everything else with you.
But please don't do one thing: do not chase our pages/texts through a translation engine, because we can do that ourselves ;-)