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Railroad-Professional: Overview and Key Data

Railroad-Professional, the track planning program described by the trade press as " insider tip among model railway freaks..." (MIBA Extra No. 7; MIBA is a leading german trade press for model railways) is a software for planning a complete model railway facility with the focus on an exactly scaled development. Track planners who care about precision while at the same time being intuitive to use are turning to this program on the market. Numerous libraries of the most common track systems are already included or can be downloaded. Furthermore, the user has the possibility to design his own libraries with the help of the integrated library manager and track editor. Just try it out and create the next track plan of your model railway with this software. You can use the track planning software in the free version to create smaller track plans for as long as you like free of charge*)! If you decide to register, complex track plans are possible without restrictions.

The most important key data:

Still not convinced?

Expensive? No, why?

You can work with Railroad-Professional in the free version*) as long as you like! If you are then enthusiastic about Railroad-Professional (which we expect ;-)) and want to register the program, you might be pleasantly surprised! :-)

*With little restrictions.