Track Systems for Railroad-Professional Versions 0.8 to 1.0

The table below lists the track libraries available for Railroad-Professional versions 0.8 to 1.0. Although these are outdated, they can also be read by the current program version.

The track libraries of the current program version can be found here.

Gauge 0e (16.5mm):

Brand System Version Author
Peco Code100 01.05.2003

Gauge H0 (16.5mm):

Brand System Version Author
Fleischmann Profi-Track 01.05.2003
17.02.2003 1)
Kleinbahn Standard 14.12.2005 2)
22.08.2006 3)
Märklin C-Track 06.01.2003 Thorsten Grament
K-Track 26.09.2008 4)
29.11.2006 Dirk
29.11.2006 5)
M-Track 14.11.2007
Peco Code100 12.01.2009
Piko A-Track
(Code 100)
Roco Line 11.01.2004
Trix Express 14.06.2005 6) Roland Krall
C-Track 19.02.2009 7)
1 The author points out possible problems with the curved turnouts. On 01.05.2003 the basic dimension file was taken over from Michael Brucker (R.Supper).
2 According to the author, it does not contain all available tracks (e.g. curved turnouts are missing).
3 Contains the library of Thomas Deuss, extended by: Connection track, signal connection track and isolators, buffer stop, uncoupling track.
4 Based on Christoph Eckert's library, supplemented by the elements Remote Controlled Turntable 7286, Transfer Table 7294 and Double-slip Switch 2275.
5 Based on Dirk's library, this one contains more precise angles.
6 The author has implemented the track geometry of the plastic tracks. These can also be used for cardboard tracks.
7 Contains all tracks from the Trix H0 catalogue 2008/09.

Gauge TT (12.0mm):

Brand System Version Author
Tillig Model-Track 10.04.2003
Standard 10.04.2003
Rokal Hollow Profil 23.02.2010

Gauge H0e (9.0mm):

Brand System Version Author
Roco   26.09.2008

Gauge N (9.0mm):

Brand System Version Author
Arnold   06.07.2006 1)
Roco   27.11.2006
Trix Mini 03.03.2009 2)
27.11.2006 3)
1 Also contains elements to draw ground plates. The library was completed on 06.07.2006 with dimensional data of the sleepers, as these were originally missing. They originate from the Trix-N tracks (compatible?) and were kindly transmitted by Dirk Lübker.
2 Complete library. If you already have Kay Schröder's you should take this one from Friedrich Flocke instead. When installing, overwrite the existing base dimension file (default.rpb) with this one!
3 The library of Friedrich Flocke should be used better. This one is not quite complete and does not support the representation with sleepers and track bed.

Gauge Z (6.5mm):

Brand System Version Author
Märklin   21.12.2002
Peco   21.12.2002