Notes for Updater/Upgrader of Railroad-Professional

If you have never used Railroad-Professional before and are using it for the first time with the current version, you can stop reading now. ;-)

However, for those who have one of the previous versions installed and running, here are some useful informations. In principle, however, the setup program is simply executed and that's it.

Difference between Update and Upgrade



Supplementary technical information

From version 3.7, after a standard installation, the supplied libraries are located in the directory 'C:\Users\Public\Documents\Railroad-Professional x.y\Libraries' ( where x.y stands for the respective program version). All track libraries are in the '\Tracks' subdirectory, all accessory libraries are in the '\Accessories' subdirectory. As of version 3.7, the library files have "meaningful names".

In principle, Railroad-Professional can load libraries and track plans from all older versions. If necessary, these are automatically converted to the current format during the loading process.


For information on the fee details, see under "Supplemental information" on our registration page.

We wish you much success and fun with the track planning,

Your Railroad-Professional Team.